Introducing Craft Blanks!

Introducing Craft Blanks!

We are so excited to announce the launch of Craft Blanks on our site! We have big plans to keep going our online store for you all, and this was the next step! 

You can now find a bunch of our crafts, including newer fall designs, offered as "Craft Blanks" at a reduced rate! 

Craft Blanks can only be purchased on our website at the moment and are not allowed to be brought in store to craft.  We are keeping the price low by not including the brushes, paint, glue, etc.  PERFECT for the at home crafter who has all the supplies, the party hostess who wants to provide a fun crafting activity, or the small business maker who needs projects to paint and sell! 

Use code LABOR DAY to get an additional 20% OFF the already reduced rates!


Craft Blanks to diy your own holiday decor_labor day sale use code LABORDAY for an extra 20% off your purchase
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