Unboxing our May Craft At Home Box

Unboxing our May Craft At Home Box

Craft At Home Club - bimonthly projects delivered to your door!

THE PROEJCTS: The May Craft At Home Box featured a double sided, pendant shaped sign to take you from Summer into Fall! The summer side featured a single line cut peony and the fall side featured a multi layered sunflower!

A LITTLE TRICK: In the box, we provided sand paper for our crafters to shape the edges of their peony!  It really makes for a more realistic look when the pieces have rounded edges with a little depth and dimension.

GIFTS GALORE: The gifts in this box? All featured flowers, of course! Each crafter got 3 soap flowers (yes! the pedals are actually soap!), a pressed flower bookmark, and 2 flower magnets!

HOW TO JOIN THE FUN: Want to get in on the fun?! Check out our bi-monthly subscription Craft At Home Box HERE!

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